Eid El-Fitr: Adamawa CAN Chairman congratulates Muslim brothers and sisters

The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Dami Mamza, Bishop of Yola and Chairman CAN, Adamawa State

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yola and Chairman CAN, Adamawa state, the Most Rev. Stephen Dami Mamza Congratulates Muslims as they celebrate the breaking of fast and the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. “We your Christian friends wish to identify with you on this very special occasion of grace and friendship as typified in the greetings, meetings, and, where possible, by sharing in an iftar with you” Bishop Mamza said.

Acknowledging that the period of the Ramadan is central in the Islamic religion and therefore dear to Muslims, the Cleric assures Muslims in the state that “Our bonds of unity and togetherness on such special occasions go a long way to foster fraternity between Christians and Muslims which is critically needed in such a polarized world.”

With the threat posed by Covid-19 to human life, the Adamawa State CAN Chairman enjoins both Muslims and Christians to join hands and cooperate with the government and those at the frontline to see to the end of the pandemic. And by encouraging all, the Cleric observes that “as we together pray for the end of Covid-19, may we also continue to ask Allah for the gift of peace and sincere human solidarity in love for the dignity and good of all in the world.”

The CAN Chairman prays that our Muslim brothers and sisters “reap the reward of their fast, religious acts of piety and enjoy the protection of Allah’s abiding presence.”

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