“I have been certified free of COVID-19”, Bishop Mamza

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yola and Chairman CAN, Adamawa state, Most Rev Stephen Dami Mamza, has recovered from COVID-19, having spent days in isolation receiving treatment after he tested positive of the deadly disease on August 23.

The news of his recovery came today Saturday September 5 when he addressed journalists in his residence in Yola.

“I want to use this opportunity to inform the general public that I have been certified free of COVID-19. Also; I want to use this opportunity to thank very sincerely all people of goodwill across the country, who prayed for me to get well. I want to assure everybody that I am now physically well” Bishop Mamza declared.

As he did when he announced his status of the virus two weeks ago, Bishop Mamza still encourages the general public not to “be panicky and too afraid of it [the virus] in as much as they abide by the protocols.” And that the virus is not “a death sentence and it is not probably as bad as is being exaggerated because you can be infected and at the same time be treated and get well.”

Bishop Mamza thanked all health workers especially those at the frontline in the fight against the deadly disease for their sheer grit and guts. “Nigerians need to appreciate the efforts of health workers, those in the frontline, those that go out to collect the samples, those that work in the lab and the doctors and nurses that go to the treatment centers” he said.

The Bishop was therefore saddened by the news that health workers in the country are going on strike by Monday. He called on the government to prioritise their support for healthcare workers as they put their lives at risk whenever they attend to the sick.

According to the Bishop, “government should please attend to the needs of the doctors immediately so that there won’t be strike. We have today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday before Monday. Government should ensure that they reach out to the health workers to avert the strike.”

Bishop Mamza, who is a member of Adamawa State COVID-19 Committee, sees the hand of God at work when he tested positive so that he can educate people on the reality of the disease. “I am a human being, in as much as any other person can contract the virus, I am also prone to get infected by it” the Bishop said.

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