Bishop Mamza Inaugurates new members of Diocesan Pastoral Council

The newly inaugurated members of Yola Diocesan Pastoral Council have been charged to be committed by carrying out activities that will make the church in Yola grow from strength to strength.

Bishop Mamza with the Diocesan Pastoral Council

Bishop Dami Mamza gave the charge today Sunday while inaugurating the diocesan pastoral council members and a mass held at saint Theresa cathedral jimeta.

The cleric explained that the Diocesan pastoral council members is made of chairmen and secretaries across the diocese with their deans, representative of religious and laity.

The bishop said a two day seminar was organised for them on how to go about leadership stressing that they are to assist and support him in running the activities of the Catholic diocese of yola for a period of four years.

Bishop Mamza then urged them to be committed in the spread of the Gospel by being faithful and living an examplary life for others to emulate so that their work will be beneficial to the church and the society.

The Catholic Bishop of yola Diocese also advised them to carry out church activities in their various churches with all seriousness to enable the Diocese grow and be self reliant.

Mr John Dasaya as chairman,Mrs Beatrice Eze vice chairman,Malachy Abba secretary and Richard lucky assistant secretary among others.

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