Cultivate the attitude of religious tolerance -Bishop Mamza

In an interview with the pressmen at the Catholic Secretariat in Yola, the cleric who in few days will be 25 years as priest and 10 years as the Bishop of Yola, said only Nigerians can solve the problem of this nation. “If we continue to use religion to divide Nigerians then our problems will be endless. We must think of Nigeria first before our religion, tribe, or region” warned Bishop Mamza. He advises Nigerians not to allow politicians to use religion for their selfish interests to divide them.

As Christians prepare for the celebration of Easter, the Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese who is also the Adamawa State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Most Reverend Dami Mamza has urged Nigerians to cultivate the attitude of religious tolerance for the overall interest of the nation.

Commenting on the forthcoming 25th priestly ordination celebration as well the 10th anniversary of his ordination as a Bishop of Yola, the cleric says that the journey has been smooth so far and he returns all thanks to God for seeing him through the years.

The celebration will be on the 13th of April 2021 at Saint Theresa’s Catholic Cathedral Yola.

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